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they appear to have been p▓repared for display in a laboratory, the cel▓ls were found together with what researchers say are the only known fossils▓ of a type of parasite that still exists to▓day, Babesia micro

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ti, which infects the blood cells of humans and other animals.Two small holes in the back of a blood-engorged tick, which allowe

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in a tropic▓al jungle millions of years ago."These two tiny holes indicate that something picked a tick off▓ the mammal it was fee

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ding on, puncturing it in the process and dropping it immediately into tree s▓ap," said George Poinar, Jr., professor emeritus in the College of Science at Oregon State University (OS▓U)."This would be consistent with the gr▓ooming b

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expert on plant and▓ animal life forms found preserved in amber."The fossilize▓d blood cells, infected with these parasites,

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are simply amazing in their detail."The fossil parasites add to the history of the Or▓der Piroplasmida, of which the Bab

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esiidae is one▓ family.In humans, the parasite B. microti ca▓n cause babesiosis, a disease with sympto▓ms that resemble malaria and can be fatal.A related parasi▓te in cattle can cause Texas cattle fever, w▓hich has been a historic problem in the pla▓ins states in the United St

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ay," Poinar said in a news release from OSU."This parasite, for instance, was clearly around m▓illions of years before humans, and appears to have evo▓lved alongside primates, among other hosts." Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code

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